The GD7000 Glass Dryer New standard of efficiency, with drying times shorter than ever

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The GD-7000 glass drying machine

The cutting edge GD7000 dryer is the newest member in our Goldglass finishing machines family. Just like its elder sister, the M.R.C-2350-CI/M.R.C-2850-M painting machine, it is characterized by simple operation, economic energy consumption and high efficiency. Not only that it won’t splurge on kilowatts, but thanks to its compact dimensions and smart design it will also use up as little of your precious floor space as possible.

The GD7000 advantages & features:

GD7000 is fully interfaced with the M.R.C-2350-CI/M.R.C-2850-M, so if you are already enjoying our top notch painting machine, GD7000 will only enhance your overall finishing process to perfection. However, GD7000 can be purchased as a stand-alone as well, as it is easily adaptable to any existing painting machine.

Get yourself the new GD7000 and find out how one wise decision can provide you with increased drying power and a higher quality finished product – while cutting down your power bills and introducing you to a new standard of efficiency, with drying times shorter than ever.

The GD-7000 glass drying machine in line with the M.R.C 2850-M