The GD7000 Glass Dryer New standard of efficiency, with drying times shorter than ever

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The GD-7000 glass drying machine

Designed for medium and large-scale glass finishing projects, the GD7000 is our flagship paint dryer. Automatic detection, simple installation and easy maintenance – everything you need for superb results. Energy-efficient and cost effective, this size friendly glass paint dryer fits anywhere on your factory.

The GD7000 advantages & features:

GD7000 is fully interfaced with the M.R.C-2350-CI/M.R.C-2850-M, so if you are already enjoying our top notch painting machine, GD7000 will only enhance your overall finishing process to perfection. However, GD7000 can be purchased as a stand-alone as well, as it is easily adaptable to any existing painting machine.

Get yourself the new GD7000 and find out how one wise decision can provide you with increased drying power and a higher quality finished product – while cutting down your power bills and introducing you to a new standard of efficiency, with drying times shorter than ever.

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