The M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M A revolutionary glass painting machine

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The M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M is a revolutionary painting machine that is literally changing the world of glass finishing. While former generations of glass painting machines evolved out of painting equipment that was originally designated for other materials, like wood, and had to be sufficiently – or insufficiently – adjusted to the special characteristics of glass, M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M was built from the start with the sole purpose of creating the perfect glass painting machine. As a result, it is the most advanced, economic and efficient product in the market today.

The M.R.C-2850-M

The M.R.C-2850-M is the new modular version, Gold painting for larger, heavier and wider projects. Just as economic, with the same easy to use interface, as the M.R.C-2350-CI. Comprised of three separate, integrating units, this modular machine is bound to make your work easier.

The M.R.C-2850-M

The M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M advantages & features:

NEW FEATURE Frame Coating

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All of these features make the M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M a proven ROI record breaker - no other painting machine will make your investment worthwhile in less than a year. It is not luxury, it’s a necessity - whether you are a small glass finishing business or a large industrial enterprise, M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M is bound to be the most valuable asset on your production floor. In this increasingly competitive glass processing world, you just cannot afford to stay behind.